First Notification of Loss is just the start of the story. When a vehicle is damaged in a collision, it has to be recovered. But what actually happens next could unnecessarily inflate your costs.

When a damaged vehicle is taken into storage, fees start accumulating. Without careful management, storage costs can soar out of control.

Things are different with Nationwide Vehicle Assistance. We have our own secure, CCTV monitored storage facilities and have access to a national network of storage depots. Our aim is to move vehicles on as quickly as possible. This helps you to mitigate the loss by eliminating unnecessary storage fees.

As part of our unified vehicle recovery service, we email you every day with a list of vehicles in storage. Then we call you to ask for your instructions. Like you, we don’t want a vehicle in storage a moment longer than absolutely necessary.

We make sure a damaged vehicle goes to the right place, first time. Our experienced recovery teams will advise if a vehicle should go to salvage rather than storage or a repair centre, avoiding unnecessary transport fees.

Payment of storage fees can be made with our secure, online payment portal. Customers can pay for a single transaction or settle their account balance quickly and easily.

If we sound like the sort of people you want working on your behalf, call us on 01621 735 401 or fill in the enquiry form.