24/7 Vehicle and Travel Assistance throughout the EU and UK

24/7 Vehicle and Travel Assistance throughout the EU and UK

European and UK Vehicle and Travel Assistance

In case of a vehicle breakdown, NWVA provides all the services needed that are related to assistance. We provide services for all types of vehicles, 24/7 365 days a year.

Through our experience and with a comprehensive partner and agent network, our assistance services cover all countries in Europe including full UK coverage. We offer international vehicle and travel assistance services on behalf of insurance companies, automobile clubs, car manufactures, car rental companies, logistic and transport companies.

What do you get with our Assistance Service?

  •         A complete assistance service, which includes all logistical and administrative tasks.
  •         Deep local knowledge and assistance providers.
  •         Fast response and excellent coverage, even in remote locations. 
  •         Callouts for all types of assistance requests.
  •         Claims handling, invoice checks and third-party expertise reports. 
  •         Coordination of onward journeys, replacement vehicles and passenger or vehicle repatriation.
  •         Easy access to all our assistance services and trusted partner network.
  •         24/7/365 multilingual assistance centres.

Trusted vehicle disposal in Europe and the UK

During the vehicle disposal and de-registration process, we coordinate all administrative and logistical tasks.

This includes recovery from and payment at the vehicle’s current location, i.e. garage or repair shop, handling of the abandonment paperwork, following up on the agreed destruction and sending the Certificate of Disposal and/or the vehicle’s plates directly to your client.

In the UK, Spain, and Benelux regions, we use our own scrapping partners to oversee disposal of the vehicle. In other markets, we depend on the local knowledge of our providers to offer the most suitable service to dispose of a vehicle on a case-by-case basis.

Vehicle and Passenger Repatriation Service

  •         A complete service; includes all logistical and administrative tasks.
  •         European & worldwide coverage by a trusted partner network.
  •         Experienced drivers and specialist trucks to transport all types and sizes of vehicles. 
  •         Option to choose between planned or immediate service.
  •         Facility for onward journey and accommodation bookings.
  •         24/7/365 vehicle assistance centres 
  •         Professional and multi-lingual assistance team

24/7 contact information

UK Phone:               +44 1621 730008

European Phone:     +31 1030 77133

Email:                     [email protected]