ADR Vehicle Recovery

ADR Vehicle Recovery

When you need ADR Vehicle Recovery, Nationwide Vehicle Assistance should be the first people you call.

With over 30 years of practical experience in Hazchem heavy vehicle recovery, Nationwide Chemical Assistance was established to provide vehicle recovery for HGV’s and LGV’s gas-fuelled or transporting ADR freight. Nationwide Chemical assistance is a specialist division of Nationwide Vehicle Assistance, one of Europe’s largest Recovery Solution companies.

As soon as you notify us, we appoint an experienced, qualified Incident Manager (IM) to oversee your ADR vehicle recovery – even if it is a minor breakdown. Your appointed IM will be experienced in all areas of vehicle recovery, including HGV and ADR licenced - an invaluable advantage as they can visualise the issue and a possible solution. This allows the IM to pre-approve additional requirements with you before deploying the recovery.

Additionally, Nationwide Chemical Assistance has its own in-house Dangerous Safety Goods Advisor (DGSA). This means you have just one company to handle all aspects of your vehicle recovery.

Nationwide Chemical Assistance is fully qualified and competent in the recovery of fuel tankers, chemical tankers and vehicles carrying ADR classified goods, including the following UN Classes:

  • 2.1 Flammable gas
  • 2.2 Non-flammable, non-toxic gas
  • 2.3 Toxic gas
  • 3 Flammable liquid
  • 4.1 Flammable solids
  • 4.2 Spontaneously combustible substance
  • 4.3 Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas
  • 5.1 Oxidising substances
  • 5.2 Organic peroxide
  • 6.1 Toxic substances
  • 6.2 Infectious substance
  • 8 Corrosive substances
  • 9 Miscellaneous dangerous goods

All our vehicle recovery drivers hold up-to-date ADR qualifications and appropriate Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), HGV1 and LGV1 certification.

We operate a robust, audited network of over 10,000 recovery vehicles and 550-member recovery agents. Included amongst this network are carefully selected and fully audited ADR vehicle recovery specialists. Every associated company and vehicle recovery driver hold a current ADR licence. ADR requires that an individual undertakes 35-hours of training every five years to remain fully competent in their duties. Only approved drivers are employed in the recovery of ADR vehicles.

To keep everyone up-to-date, we arrange various training scenarios throughout the UK. Typically, a training day will involve tanker hauliers, manufacturers, emergency services and client representatives in practical work involving a rolled-over tanker.

We live in a dangerous world. ADR-carrying vehicles have the potential to be used as weapons. Nationwide Chemical assistance works closely with The Governments Land Transport Security Team to ensure traceability of your ADR vehicle at every stage of the recovery process. You can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle recovery is in the hands of experienced experts.

To get in touch, call us on 01621 730009.